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In each episode, host Geoff Allix will explore a different aspect of the OMS 7-Step Recovery Program in greater depth. New episodes will be published monthly and will feature interviews with scientists, fitness specialists, diet experts, stress reduction professionals and OMSers themselves. 

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The podcast will also feature inspirational, real life stories from people with MS about the daily challenges and victories of successful lifestyle modification. You can listen to every episode on our website or subscribe via one of the platforms on the right to ensure you never miss an episode.

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Geoff Allix

Geoff Allix OMS Podcast Host

Geoff Allix hails from Devon in England and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2015. Geoff's father also had MS, and sadly died at the age of 54. When he himself was diagnosed, Geoff was determined to do whatever  he could to remain well. Once he was told that he "almost certainly" had MS in many 2015, he and his wife launched into action. They googled as much as they could about the condition.

Shortly before Geoff was formally diagnosed in September 2015, they came Overcoming MS and the 7-Step Recovery Program. He has been on the program since then, and has had no relapses since and is now optimistic the he'll get back to outdoor sports such as surfing and running before long. Geoff works as computer consultant and is a dad to a 14 year-old son and 12 year-old daughter.

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