Step 1 of the OMS 7-Step Recovery Program focuses on diet. Find answers to your questions about meat, dairy, flaxseed oil supplementation and more.

General MS Questions

Here we answer commonly asked questions about MS symptoms, associated conditions, types of MS and more. 

Sunlight & Vitamin D

Key questions about sunlight exposure and vitamin D supplementation are addressed here. Everything from dosage strength of vitamin D to duration of sun exposure is covered here. 


There are a number of medications used to treat MS, some more common than others. Get answers about taking medication, side effects, benefits and more.

MS Encyclopedia

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Answers to common questions people have about the benefits of meditation, how to get started and how to develop a regular practice.


There is a genetic element to MS. Here we answer questions around family and MS, including questions about pregnancy and reducing your family’s risk of developing MS.


A place on our website where you can find all the answers to miscellaneous frequently-asked questions about multiple sclerosis.

Recovery Program

This section answers questions about the OMS Recovery Program as a whole, including how long it takes to work, what improvements to expect and more. 


If you or a family member have been recently diagnosed with MS, it is perfectly normal to have a lot of questions. Find out the answers to some commonly asked questions about MS here.


Exercise is an important part of living well with MS. Find out what types of exercise are beneficial, how frequently to exercise and more.